Who I am?

I am Gonzalo Duque, born in Ávila but based in Madrid, passionate about illustration, creativity, design and animation.

Training and experience in these disciplines converge in the design of animated graphics or motion graphics, a field in which I am specialized, from conceptualization and storytelling to post-production and rendering, through the design, illustration and animation of the different elements.



34 years old

17 years of creativity

What else interests me?

I am a curious person by nature and I like nothing more than learning about other fields and disciplines that I am passionate about and at the same time enrich creative work. For example:

3D Print
New technologies


· Masters Degree in Motion Graphics, After Effects + Cinema 4D Escuela Trazos.

· Masters Degree in 3D art with Pixologic ZBrush Escuela de artes visuales Arteneo Madrid.

 · Masters Degree in Digital Illustration & Concept Art Escuela de artes visuales Arteneo Madrid.

· Bachelor of Graphic Creation & Digital Arts Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional.

· Bachelor of 3D Art, Design & Illustration Escuela de artes visuales Arteneo Madrid.

Why am I a freelance?

· To always offer a truly personalized and quality service.

· Being able to guarantee an agile and effective response to the challenges presented by different projects, sacrificing corporate labyrinths in pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness, allowing time and budgets to be optimized so that they dedicate themselves entirely to what really matters, the final result.

· Having the ability to have the most appropriate specific collaborators for each project without having to adhere to the rigidity and limitations of a fixed staff.


What is animate?

The Latin word anima meaning “breath, soul” that gave us “animal” has given us other words. The English adjective animate meaning “alive” comes from the Latin verb animare, meaning “to give life to,” which in turn came from anima.


That is exactly what I do, to infuse my clients' projects with soul and energy to meet their communication needs in a more impactful, dynamic and effective way that helps them achieve their objectives, be they advertising, training or informational.

Do you want to know more about me?

Ilustración Animación Motion Graphics Freelance Madrid
I'll tell you the story of how I ended up being a freelance animator and illustrator in Madrid:

It all started 34 years ago, in the summer of 1986 ...

I was born in Ávila, a small city in the south of Castilla, almost as small as I was at that time. The good thing about small towns is that the time you save on commuting can be used to give free rein to your hobbies, so I spent my childhood doing what I liked the most, drawing.

I studied Business Administration and Management at university, but I realized that I spent much more time drawing and, at that time, playing with Photoshop than handling the calculator, so taking stock, I decided to go to Madrid where I studied illustration, graphic design and 3D art. I worked as a graphic designer, as an illustrator, I helped architecture studios to present their 3D projects, I set up a store to sell my creations and ultimately, I continued learning and training in several different but complementary fields.

And years later, suddenly, I found the discipline that brought together all the disciplines with which I felt at home and with which I enjoyed, motion graphics animation. A master's degree and thousands of hours of practice later, I joined as an animator the creative team of a large multinational consulting company where I spent several years polishing my technique and developing animations for large companies and institutions around the world.

Currently, in pursuit of expanding my creative horizons, I work as an independent professional providing solutions in the form of motion graphics and illustration to production companies, advertising agencies and companies that need to give a more innovative, creative and original approach to their communication campaigns or want to transmit your messages more dynamically and effectively.

"Find a job that you like and you will not stop working for a single day of your life, but working will make you happy."

Gonzalo Duque